Natural tea made with passion and knowledge

A large variety of natural essences to please your healthy lifestyle.

Our Teas

Fruit Teas

Naturally delicious, full of sun and aroma fruits. BELIN Fruit Tea Series is a wide range of tastes and flavors. Delicate compositions, created from natural ingredients, even the most demanding lovers of fruitful pleasures will fall in love with both the classic ones and those with a bit of madness.

Herbal Teas

Harvested in shady forests, sunny meadows or home gardens, herbal teas are waiting for you to discover them again, letting you take an unforgettable journey through your childhood memories – starting with a glass of chilled mint tea, strengthening your hair and nails with a horsetail infusion and finishing with a cup of deliciously sweet tea from a lime flower. Hidden in a small purse, tastes and memories await you to uncover their mysteries and to delight the next generation of little gourmets. Discover the natural and true aroma of herbal tea BELIN.

Premium Teas

Harvested iThe collection of black BELIN tea is a combination of classics with the highest quality that will satisfy even the most demanding fans of traditional tastes. In the morning they will stimulate the action, at work, they will put you in a better mood, and in the evening they will perform well at the family or friendly gathering. BELIN’s unique range of leafy tea is a blend of tea leaf blends from around the world. They are prepared for those who love aromatic travels in the classic edition. A cup of black or green tea enriches the day with a moment of authentic pleasure. Looking for gift ideas? Would you like to serve your customers with proper tea? Are you looking for a tasteful and ingenious gift? If so, this wooden box with our Zauberer tea set is the solution to your worries as what to choose for a gift.

Express Teas

A magical trip full of taste and flavors. British Earl Gray, native mint, oriental Indian tea and maybe a delicious tea full of fruit? Discover the unusual compositions of natural ingredients developed by BELIN tea experts. Unique tea compositions, dried fruit, and high-quality flavors are hidden in tasteful packaging and have been trusted by our customers for years. Thanks to the innovative, double chamber tea bags you can enjoy the fuller taste of your favorite drink. Envelopes in which teabags are packaged will keep the tea’s intense aroma fresh for longer period of time.

Teas in Economic Packaging

Larger, family and economical packages allow you to enjoy the unique taste of our teas for longer. The product range includes raspberry fruit tea and black tea. Just enjoy our delicious in our teas.

Green Teas

Time for green-fruity refreshment! And this is due to the collection of teas combining the refined flavor of green tea with the natural aroma of natural fruit. Ideal for demanding tea lovers

Dietary Supplements

Keeping in mind the health and well-being of our customers, we have prepared a series of Vita Tea teas that will be a perfect complement to your daily diet. Exceptional compositions of the highest quality herbs and fruits will not only facilitate the proper functioning of the body but will also help maintain physical fitness and slim figure.

Herbal Garden of Health

If you want to live healthy – Bet on Herbs.
Stress and hurry are inseparable elements of the modern world. Although they may sound insignificant, they systematically destroy our body. Four coffee a day, irregular meals “on the go”, always handy something sweet, and at the end of the day sleeping pills. That is not a healthy option. For years BELIN has been offering natural herbs and blends. Our newest series GARDEN OF HEALTH has been prepared with emphasis on keeping in mind a healthy lifestyle and well-being.

Tips & News

Peach-Mango Basil Iced Tea

What you will need: 6 Belin Peach and Mango Flavor tea bags …

Strawberry Jalapeno Iced Tea

What you will need: 6 Belin Strawberry tea bags 8 cups…

Raspberry and Mint Ice Tea

What you will need: 6 Belin Raspberry tea bags 8 cups…